Do You Have a Slow Internet Connection? Learn How to Fix it Today!

In the past, it will take you minutes to access internet. Now, with the discovery of broadband internet, accessing the internet is quite as fast as the speed of light. However, Marin property management there are still some computer users who experiences slow internet connection from time to time.

There are many factors that contribute in the speed of the internet connection. If one of these factors breakdown, it will definitely cause slow internet connection. The bad news is that there are some causes which are uncontrollable, but the good news is that most of causes can be solved by few tweaks.

The first things that you need to check when you have a slow internet connection are the following:

1. Modem – Try borrowing the modem of your neighbor or a friend and use it. Then, see if you are able to quickly connect to the internet. If the result is positive, ssh slowdns then you definitely need to replace your modem.

2. Router – You also have to borrow a router from a friend and see if it changes the speed of your internet connection by performing a speed test.

3. Internet cables – Check if the cables are not broken. If you think that they are not working properly, it is best to replace your cables right away.

4. The status of the network of your ISP – Call the customer service of your ISP Moon Chocolate Bar and ask if there is something wrong with their network. If you experience frequent down time, perhaps you need to find a new Internet Service Provider.

After checking these four factors and you are 100% certain that none of these causes your internet connection to slow down, then here are your alternative solutions:

1. Check if your computer is infected with a virus, Trojan or spyware by running a complete computer scan. Make sure that your scanner/remover is updated before you run a scan. Bar verhuur

2. Remove temporary Internet files, cookies and browsing history that are saved in your hard drive. If you are using Internet Explorer you can easily do this by going to Internet Option in the Tools menu. If you’re a Firefox user, go to Options in the Tools menu as well.

3. Try changing your DNS server. Just type free DNS server on your search engine and you will be able to find a list of fast servers.

4. Improve your computer. Remember if your computer works slowly, quartzbanger you will also have a slow internet connection. The speed of your connection depends largely on the performance of your computer’s system. Do a disk defragmentation, clean the registry or change your RAM. If you are using IE, make sure that you have installed the latest versions of the plug-ins in your computer, and if you use Firefox, regularly check if your add-ons need to be upgraded. เว็บตรง100


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