Thunder Shirt Product Review

Do thunder storms worry your pooch? With all the thunder storms we have been experiencing lately I thought I’d share with you a little piece of dog apparel that Maggie, my beloved pooch, tinitees has been trying out and I’ve got to say I’m very excited by the results I’ve seen to date.

My beautiful girl, like so many other pooches out there, turns into a ballistic quivering mess trying to climb over tables and crawl into or under anything whenever we have thunder and or electrical storms. Maggie knows well before we do that a storm is coming. The tail drops, she starts acting strangely; pacing; shaking and searching for a place to hide. We have tried a number of remedies to help calm her including herbal calmative; placing her in her crate and ignoring her but nothing seemed to work. So I did a little research on the internet and found a product called Thunder Shirt.

Thunder Shirts were designed to alleviate dog anxiety. The packaging states the Thunder Shirt can remedy problems such as fear of thunder; car anxiety; natu-real fireworks and leash pulling. A Thunder Shirt is basically a coat that you wrap around your dog to apply a constant pressure on their torso which the company claims to have a calming effect on your dog. I must admit I was skeptical but I just had to try something. Babies seem to settle when they are snug, so I thought there may be something to it and went ahead and bought one.

It is only early days but I am very pleased to report that I have seen a vast improvement in Maggie’s ability to handle storms. As per the instructions, we had Maggie wear the shirt a couple of times when the weather was fine. It did take several storms before we noticed a difference, in fact, the first two storms I think she may have been worse. However, during the last storm Maggie slept contentedly under the desk wearing her Thunder Shirt.


The Thunder Shirt is very easy to fit, it’s just a matter of fastening the Velcro and it’s on. It’s made from light T-Shirt material and is fully washable. They come in a range of colours; are reasonably priced (I paid around $45) and look spunky. The Thunder Shirt also comes with a 45 day guarantee, so if for any reason is doesn’t work they will refund your money.


None to date. The only drawback for me is if I’m going out and there is any chance of a storm I would need to remember to put Maggie’s Thunder Shirt on before I left home.

Summing up

I’ve got to say I’m impressed and have already recommended the product to a number of people. Like anything, it may not suit or work for all dogs but it’s certainly worth a go and with a money back guarantee you really can’t go wrong. I know there are similar products out there but for me I can’t go past this one.


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