How to Make Money Online With Directories

If you are worrying about how to make money online from home, think about directories. A web directory lists web sites, by category and subcategory. With so many directories you have a good option to make money online from home. Webdiamonds

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1. To make money online at home with directories, Bsocialtoday you first need to develop a directory, which you can either do from scratch or use directories which are already available. Majority of the directories are developed in PHP and MySQL. This ensures that the complete structure and data is saved on the database. Directories can be found on and you can purchase it at an affordable price. You will need to upload the PHP script and install it. You can also get a directory at which offers a full turnkey directory and URLs which are search engine optimized, ilweb with all the Meta tags in place.

2. While developing the directory, ensure a good graphic design, which will help attract users. Offer a number of categories in your directory to guarantee that a variety of websites get listed. While developing your directory, keep in mind to make it SEO friendly, Primewebdir by ensuring relevant and well searched keywords to have better traffic and search engine rank. Include a search box to help users find information in the directory easily, as well as look for relevant categories. You can also add a new submissions page, which will show new submissions enabling web crawlers to see them fast.

3. Now that your directory is ready and you need to create rules for websites that want to get listed on your directory. It is best to have submission rules Directoryscape which include the minimum site age to be 6 months. Accept submissions in the appropriate category and reject promotional descriptions.

4. Once your directory is well established, you can make money online at home by charging for submissions. In addition, you can also offer premium listings, which will show above all regular listings. You can also make money online at home with directories, by embedding text ads, at the top of each category and also in the search results.


You can work, เว็บสล็อต as and when you please and make money online at home with directories. They are a simple way of making money from home and do not require high expertise.


In case, your directory does not get enough traffic then it will have a lower page rank, which will definitely not attract any advertisers. Less traffic also means fewer submissions and low income, from your directory.

When trying to make online money at home with directories, always ensure that you do not accept every submission, as this weakens the image of the directory. It must have good editorial discretion. When you maintain a high standard of the directory, it will automatically get more relevant submissions, which will help you to make good money in the long term. For more info please visit these websites here


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